Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Indie Teepee is here!

   Always exciting to see Indie Teepee opens it´s doors, filled with creations and curiosities for you to explore , music and art come together in a magical place i invite you all to visit. There will be live performances, dj sets, art instalations and even a fashion show for you to hang out and meet new people :)
    Im happy to be a part of this event this year with a booth on the Submerged zone, you really need to dive on this one :P The new exclusive is the SeaShell Set, unrigged mesh set of necklaces and earrings you can wear together or separate, several colors and metals options via HUD with resizer and materials enabled. Copy and modify as well.

 Visit Indie Teepee

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Hidden Chapter

    Another round of the Hidden Chapter is running at the moment,  and there is a new item for 99L as well from [ bubble ]! The [ bubble ] Bows Cat Ears Headband is  original, unrigged mesh  with 10 colors for the base headband or bows and resizer via HUd. Materials enabled, copy and modify.

Teleport to The Chapter Four - Hidden Chapter

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Season´s Story

     The Season's Story opened it´s doors for the summer round \m/
     For this round the exclusive is the Hearts glasses in the vivids colors HUD,  unrigged mesh with 6 color options for the frame or lenses and resizer via HUD, materials enabled, copy and modify as usual.    

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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Chapter Four

  New round is open and i´ve made a new set of earrings, the Cat Earrings are original unrigged mesh with 15 colors and resizer via HUD. Materials enabled, copy and modify and can be found at the Under 100L room.
TP to The Chpater Four

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Fantasy Collective is back!

       The Fantasy Collective is back! Happy to participate for the first time, my contribution for this round are the Boho Arrow Bracelets Set.
      This is a set of 3 bracelets and a arm band that can be worn together or separated and comes with texture changer between 4 metal colors & resizer via HUD. Materials enabled, copy & modify,

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Gacha Guardians

       Opened already and filled with dreamy gachas of all kinds The Guardians new round is here!
      My new gacha is the Random Neons gacha, this time dedicated to wall decor only, there are 9 total, 2 rare sets and 2 Gifts of The Guardians that can be won every 15 plays.      
       These are original, unrigged mesh wall decor, modify & Transfer with materials enabled, between 2Li and 3Li at current size.

Visit The Gacha Guardians   

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Midsummer Enchantment is running!

   Celebrating the summer and the theme being somewhere around Fairyland Fantasy, Goth Wedding, Dark Elegance &  Masquerade, you will find at this event new releases 25% and also there is a 5L Hunt running at the venue.
   The Bloom Earrings are the new discounted release, with 7 metals, 4 pearls & 10 beads color options and resizer via hUD. Materials enabled, copy & modify.
    My hunt gift is the Damask Sandals, available for Slink or Maitreya Flat Feet, hint at the location :)

TP To Misummer Enchantment Here

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Limit8 New Round

    Another round filled with limited yummyness has started and since my friend SashaKitteh asked me for a Kitteh sign, this month exclusive is the Kitteh Neon wall decor, 10 colors options & resizer via HUD Limited to 100 Copies.

TP To Limit8