Monday, December 20, 2010

Giftcards Already available in Store

Hello :) I´ve decided to change all vendors at mainstore to be possible to "Buy as Gift" option or use Giftcards to buy the products.
Now you can choose one iten and offer to someone or buy a Giftcard and send it so the person can choose the gifts .
The available giftcards are : 250L, 500L,1000L,2000L and 5000L , each card comes in a giftbox of the same color as the card choosen.

To use the giftcards, you must attach it to yourself and when clicking the vendor select the "Buy by Card" option available . If you click the card it gives you the info of the amount of points/L left, if you want to buy one thing thats costs more than your giftcard it will ask you if you want to pay the difference from you L account too :).

 And finally, now that i said all the info you need, there is one Giftcard dispenser next to info on store with a GIFTCARD of 250L to each group member until day 25th, so come to get yours and choose the gift from [ bubble ] yourself.

Happy Hollidays!!

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