Saturday, December 4, 2010

Welcome or something alike!

Hiiiii  :)
I finally took some time to create a blog for store, everybody has it and i hass lazyness, loads really :S
I use my and Tatyana's shared Flickr to post all new releases, events and rants normally i think ill just leave some of that info to be more extensive here :)
You might know me or not from Sl, this blog is for all info about [ bubble ] Store, located in Sintoma Sim, which is the homeland for my mainstore, ::: insanya ::: /mY pINKIE sKULL mainstore and Gilded.

For introduce [ bubble ] store, i like to think it as a fashion and body shop, since the casual mainstream to specific themed, unusual and odd itens, youll find several and different clothes styles and accessories to choose from.

For more, i would recommend a visit to our sim and mainstore :

Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog :)
moonbubble Gothly

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