Saturday, March 12, 2011


The MARCH MINT MADNESS already started, it goes from March 10th until 30th @ Twomoons Island
 Minty items are on carts around the island, & some in residential stores, all L$130 or under!

We made the special Mint Rug, copy and modify with 4 texture options, and also a selection of itens being the more expensive 100L, so now is a good time to catch them too :))

As other participants you have : MIASNOW, JASstore, India Ink Gallery, Zola Zsun , [ni.Ju] , TA Eyes , [ bubble ], INSANYA, Butterfly Girl,  Just A Pose, KOSH, CONCRETE FLOWERS, Gilded, RezIpsa Loc, Grixdale , [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], Needful Things ,PIG, Estetica, HOUSE OF LONDON, ~silentsparrow~ ,( R E D ) M I N T ,Lazy Places ,RIPE, +++BLUE BLOOD+++ ,Schadenfreude, Lolapop!,  HelaMiyo, *cheap cheap* and Apelz.

Check also Miasnow Blog for more info and coverage on the itens :)

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