Wednesday, May 25, 2011

L.O.T.D. #20

Hello! I wasnt' planning any particular lookie, but since i got the new "Series Z Capris" from :::Insanya::: that i don't take them off and plus i bought a new cool zebra legs from Panda Express, so bare with me i want to show all these new goodies :)

Skin: [PF] Elly   - Spotted Love
Shape: [ bubble ] SensualTeen Shape
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair - Chocolate *NEW*
Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - SHINE pink *NEW*
Piercing: Cobrahive - Nose Swirl 00
Jacket:  [ bubble ] Zebra Bolero -Unreleased
Top: :::insanya::: MiniTop - 69 Pink 2
Bracelets:.:* LOULOU&CO *:. Bracelets :: FULL METAL JACKET ::(Old Stumblebum Iten)
Gloves: (DoMoCo) Gloves: Full Finger from Scarlett Butler (not sure if available yet :S)
Pants: :::insanya::: SerieZ Capris - HC - Ana *NEW*
Belt: *BLITZED* Plugged Belt
Socks: +PE+ Relent Digi Socks Add On *NEW*
Hooves:  Legs from the "+PE+ Unicorn Set-Zebra" *NEW*

Poses: (by order)
1- Juxtapose- Heads Will Roll 1 ; 2- Juxtapose- Heads Will Roll 3; 3- Gilded -gilded: out on the street poses: Connection  *NEW*

All pictures taken at Panda Express Homeland.

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