Friday, May 13, 2011

New accessories and Limited Gift

I invite you to visit the mainstore that is now bigger and better organized,  i also redecorated a little :)
In the meanwhile i was able to finish some new releases of accessories, a plain set of eye-patchs following the ones made for Carnival Sinister, and new glasses :)
I remade the first version of the retro glasses that weren´t for sale anymore, they have now a new shape, copy with resizer and color change (10 colors),same for the Vintage Glasses that were fogotten after the Stumblebum pre-release a while back, and for the Googles Glasses is only added 5 faded lens colors..

I did this version of the punky tie for myself and since alot of ppl is fan of Emily i decided to share and is available for a limited time for group  (this gift wont stay once another one is out), i hope you like it! 
All already at the Mainstore ;)

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