Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Vendor System coming!

   As it might be already known by now, E2V, the vendor system many stores used for years is ending on 31st May. Therefore is up to each store if they will opt by another system or change the way sales and rewards were done until now.
   After a long time to deliberate and wait for more info and news about this process, i´ve decided to change to Caspervend so i could keep the more data possible in this new system and still offer similar services as Buy as Gift option, Giftcards, Store Credit Rewards, Redelivery and Product updates system.
  So far i was able to retrieve the sales records from 2016 until now, leaving this month for last but most of your redeliveries will work in the future, this will still be a slow process but store credit might also stay registered, what WILL NOT be saved is existent GIFTCARDS. I suggest you redeem your Giftcard into credit until 31st May.
  Thank you for your comprehension and any assistance needed, i will try my best to help asap! :)

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