Friday, December 14, 2012

[ bubble ] @ FROST

  FROST 2012 is now Officially open to come shop  with over 100 participating stores, this Depraved Nation Fashion Fair is  Sponsored by: Belleza, KMADD, League, Razorblade Jacket, SAKIDE, Insanya, [ bubble] , The Plastik, Gabriel, Deer, Gawk, DeeTalez and AlterEgo!
 Each designer has placed out event exclusive items at 50% off regular prices.
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 Here are our exclusives both MESH in 5 sizes with alphas layers: Skinny jeans in 6 colors and Knitted Off shoulders Sweater in 8 colors. DEMOS are available and both itens are priced 50% off during the event :)

More Info on FROST Official Blog
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