Monday, December 31, 2012

[ bubble ] Moved! New Dress & Group Gift

[ bubble ] Mainstore has moved to a new sim, is still under construction but the store is already set and ready at Void Sim.
   We also have a new release: the Ballon Dress in 10 pattern options, mesh copy in 5 sizes with free demo available and a discount price for the fatpack as usual.

       ======= o <  [ bubble ] VIP GROUP > o =======

  The inworld group is now a VIP Group with a joining fee of 150L, if you already in, yay you are now a VIP [ bubbler ] :)
   This means there will be regular exclusive Group gifts and special discounts and 10% of store credit in ALL SALES (except gachas and poses), just need to ACTIVATE YOUR GROUP TAG.
  For those who dont want to be in the vip group, you can always join the free Subscribo and keep informed of all news and events :)
   For now i joined to the entrance some more previous gifts and a new one , these will be replaced in the future but there will always be at least 10 gifts for new members.

           ======= o < More NEWS > o =======
=*=  GIFTCARDS  are again available in a new system, you can just buy any amount with a min of 250L and just send it yourself to the person you want to gift . Once the person receives it, just need to redeem the giftcard for store credit on the terminal at the entrance and is ready shopping :)

=*=  We UPDATED to the [ bubble ] Wings Collars script, so will be lighter now, if you purchased this in product and can send me a NC with transaction history info i will be happy to send an updated version.
Also few new itens from previous events are now available.

Thats definately all for now, thank you and wish you all the rest of a great holiday season and a happy new year :)

TELEPORT to new store here.

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